Other paintings


Theese paintings are also on my correspondens cards:


Cherry Blossom 26x21
Cherry Blossom was origionally sketched in 2005 at a yoga retreat in the California desert. I lay on a blanket in the humid summer sun looking up at the bright blue sky behind a cherry blossom tree. This was a very peaceful moment in my life. This painting reflects the few moments of peace we can find in our busy lives as women. The painting was recently completed with acrylic and oil paint in Lidingö, Sweden.


Orchid Growth 76x61
Orchid Growth blossomed slowly as I awaited the birth of my second child, 12 years after my first. I spent several years thinking that I would only have an only child, yearning for a big family. This painting is soft and delicate like the slow magical process of growth.

Cornelia’s Blue Rose 66x51
Cornelia's Orchid is in essence a symbol of first pure love. A blue rose in literature symbolizes love and prosperity yet in reality is unattainable. First love is sweet and genuine yet most often not sustainable and captured in this painting.


Corfu 76x61
Corfu is the portrait of a flower unknown to me yet in a magical place at a magical time. I visited Corfu, Greece while studying Dance Therapy years ago and expanded my connection to my body and myself.